The Informed Mobile Customer

Exceed Your Customer’s Expectations
May 28, 2017
Your Customers are Mobile…Is Your Business?
May 28, 2017

The Informed Mobile Customer
Nowadays, the average customer is hyper-equipped with information.  Armed with a smart phone and a few minutes of research, customers are constantly seeking faster means of finding deals and convenience.  This equates to an educated and informed buyer.  Here are ways that Mobile Customers can benefit from an App from any small business.

Mobile Shopping
This is yuuuuuuge!  With a click of a button, customers will finalize their purchase based on loyalty rewards, discounts, and selection.  Clipping traditional coupons at the kitchen table is on the decline as Mobile Coupons are taking their place as the front-runner for the attention of today’s consumer.  Whether it is blouses or burritos, Tex-Mex or toys for the kids, mobile shopping is growing at lightning speed.

Today, speed is paramount in the information gathering process.  By the time a newspaper lands in your driveway, that information is yesterday’s news.  Likewise, by the time that door hanger reaches your door, marketing and printing has taken place, a tremendous amount of paper and ink has been utilized, only to reach a small amount of their target audience.  We all know that most of the awesomely designed print winds up in the trash bin.  Mobile Apps are an extremely efficient way of getting information such as “Flash Sales”, inventory clearances, discounted widgets and BOGO information out with a click of a button.  MÖXY Mobile Solutions helps clients get that information out to hundreds or even thousands of your best customers with a proverbial “flip of a switch”!

Get Better Deals
If given a choice, most people would like to feel that they are getting a good deal.  In the marketplace, these feelings have always stood the test of time.  Rewind the clock to antiquity when people traded camels for goats.  People wanted to feel that they got a good deal.  In present day, whether consumers are trying to stock up on sundresses, PS4s or Alaskan Salmon, that age old feeling of getting a good deal persists.  Mobile Apps can attract customers by communicating “The Deal of the Day” at the speed of light.  It just makes sense!

Customer Rewards
Mobile marketing drives brand loyalty.  In fact, 77% of smartphone users said mobile offers, such as surprise points or rewards, exclusive content and special birthday messaging, have a positive or very positive impact on their brand loyalty.  Also, 70% of consumers modify the when/where they purchase in order to maximize points.  Now, the picture is becoming very clear.  It is no longer a question of why Mobile Apps should be a part of a small business.  The question becomes why wouldn’t you?

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