Increasing Customer Loyalty with Mobile Apps

Your Customers are Mobile…Is Your Business?
May 28, 2017

Increasing Customer Loyalty with Mobile Apps
Small Businesses have certain advantages over BIG Business! Just look in Anytown, USA and you will see successful small businesses that have extremely loyal customers who visit their establishments like clockwork. Does anyone remember the sitcom “Cheers”? Well, that TV show was extremely successful because it highlighted the fact the people want to go where everybody knows their name. A certain familiarity and comfort level is tough to mirror in franchised establishments.

Mobile Apps accelerate this intimacy that customers feel with a certain business. Smart business owners understand this concept and implement simple, yet effective Reward and Loyalty Programs to help their customers remain loyal. We have outlined 6 different ways in which Mobile Apps increase customer retention.

Advanced Loyalty Programs
Loyalty Programs are HUGE when it comes to earning and keeping customers. In the free market, people have choices when it comes to who they spend their hard-earned dollars with. People expect to be treated well. If not, they will simply go down the street to the next business who will. By rewarding customers and giving them incentives to return, the savvy business owner is creating a tighter bond with that client. By having loyal customers, a.k.a. “Sticky Customers”, that business owner is able to sell their product and service more frequently to existing clientele. Our Mobile Apps offer affordable solutions to create world-class Advanced Loyalty Programs that are easy to implement and use.

Naturally, customer get very excited when they can earn discounted and oftentimes FREE goods or merchandise simply by being a loyal customer. Whether they are earning a FREE burrito, a discounted haircut, or half-off cup of coffee, people love getting gifts. Adults are no different than children anticipating a birthday or Christmas present. That is why it is smart to implement a Loyalty Program via a branded Mobile App!

Push Notifications
Push Notifications were typically reserved for the titans of industry like Facebook, Twitter, ESPN and CNN. As smart phones have gained popularity and traction, those names have popped up on smart phones and set them apart from small businesses.

Well, what happens when loyal patrons get a Push Notification from their favorite Soul Food Restaurant announcing that the first 100 customers will get discounted Chicken & Waffles? That simply-worded Push Notification with an attractive “Call-To-Action” will act as a magnet to draw customers into that restaurant. Likewise, what will happen when an e-Cigarette store announces, via Push Notification, that they are having a “Flash Sale” and all merchandise is 30% Off? Well, it seems easy to imagine that keys and purses will be grabbed and customers will stop by and pick up that widget that they’ve had their eye on at a discounted rate. The power of Push Notifications benefit the business owner and customer alike…and increases that intimacy that was discussed earlier.

Food/Merchandise Ordering
Have you ever tried to call and order a pizza, but immediately had to be put on hold for several minutes? Then, when the high-school aged receptionist asks you to repeat your order for the fourth time because of the loud background noise, you think twice about ordering pizza from them again. Aaaah, those were the days!

Well, for most small businesses, this is still a brutal reality. It is a fact that people are busy and need to utilize their time wisely to grab some food before their lunch break is up, for example. If they have to go through the above pain and anguish just to order their food, most often they will settle for going through the closest drive-thru and settling for something fast.

With our Food Ordering tabs, people now can bypass the fascinating conversation with the non-empathetic high school student, click a few buttons on their Smartphone, walk into the establishment, skip the long line of people, and walk out with their higher quality food. It’s faster, more efficient, and increases the brand loyalty of that establishment. Generation X and Y understand this concept and it is gaining steam with the “older” generations with lighting speed. Those businesses who aren’t offering these types of features to their patrons are losing ground to those that do. Of course, this is a standard feature on our Apps!

Social Media Integration
In consulting with the full staff at a restaurant, I used the conservative analogy that many people have between and 200 and 400 Facebook friends. Wow, was I wrong! One of the waitresses had over 1,300 FB friends, while her friend had close to 1,100. The power of Social Media integration in a small business’ Mobile App, when done correctly, can explode the amount of exposures for that small business!

Is it any wonder why every time we turn on the TV nowadays, we are being bombarded by McDonald’s, Domino’s, Geico, and even have Arnold Schwarzenegger letting us know that we should download their App for FREE? Millions of marketing dollars are pumped into marketing campaigns to increase the awareness of these Mobile Apps! From what has been said, these efforts are well worth it because of the power of Mobile Apps for businesses! BIG Businesses are trying to bury small business who can’t compete with this type of marketing. That’s why our Apps are priced affordably so that small businesses can compete and level the playing field!

Reservation Tab
Times are changing. I remember I took my kids to the movies and was actually early in my arrival. We were going to take our rightful seats at the very top to avoid the annoying sneezing and coughing guy or gal. Well, we soon found out that most of the tickets were already sold via Apps or website and we had to settle for seats that were closer to the screen. Mobile Apps are powerful and have changed the game!

Our reservation tabs offer the customers of businesses features that can save them time and money. No longer will people need to wait two hours at a barber shop to get a Mohawk! No longer will that diva have to wait 45 minutes to get highlights in her hair! Mobile Apps can eliminate the extremely long wait times because reservations can be set inside the App! That’s a better use of time for everyone and people can spend that extra time doing as they wish.

Fan Wall
Fan walls are awesome! There is a certain magic that occurs when happy customers can write something cool on a business’s wall for the world to see! Like-minded patrons can socialize, ask questions, and leave comments and testimonies all on the fan wall. A synergy is created with positive energy with like-minded customers, as well as the owners. This further increases the intimacy as the business-customer relationship strengthens. You might have guessed, Of course, ALL of our Apps come standard with a Fan Wall that is sure to take on a life of its own!

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