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5 Advantages of Having a Mobile App
May 26, 2017
The Informed Mobile Customer
May 28, 2017

Old School vs. New School. The distinction between generation’s ideals and way of doing things has remained constant over the millennia. Often times, the older generations has trouble understanding the methods, tastes, and mindset of the younger generations. Nowadays, if the older generation doesn’t learn to adapt when it comes to doing business with the younger generations, it can cost them dearly.  Here are 4 ways in which it is important to interact with all generations with buying power:

Stay Connected With Your Customers
Mobile Apps offer a platform that is unique to the marketplace. With Mobile apps, you can engage your customers and involve them in expressing satisfaction with your product or service. In fact, many people enjoy being a part of a forum of like-minded people and will gladly write reviews. Our Mobile Apps include Fan Walls, the ability to Share Photos, and even the ability to Share the App itself with their personal network. Combined with ability to earn rewards and V.I.P. level offerings, customers will feel a stronger tie with your brand of business.

Leave Your Competition Behind

An Executives for a National Pizza Chain mentioned that small businesses cannot compete with the technology that they have and will have a difficult time, not only competing, but growing their customer base as a result. We say “Not So Fast”. By having a branded, mobile app for your business, you will be LIGHT YEARS ahead of your small business competitors, while gaining ground on those same National Chains. Nowadays, you will be hard pressed to find demographic that doesn’t utilize smart phones. If they don’t, they most likely wouldn’t be a potential customer anyway. By engaging your customers at their fingertips, you will be elevating your business above your customers and gain valuable market share

Keep Your Business “Top of Mind”
What if you could reach hundreds, or even thousands, of your best customers with a flip of a switch? Now, we are not talking about social media posts or email. We are talking about real, modern-day techniques that leverage technology that people are attracted to. With Push Notifications, you can simply attract new customers and increase repeat business. At an astonishing 98% read-rate, your marketing efforts won’t be left in the waste basket or in junk mail either. It gets better. With this type of technology found in our Mobile Applications, those small business owners can gain ground on those National Chains for a small fraction of the cost. As father time marches on, smart business owners will either adapt or get left behind.

Powerful Branding Opportunity
Although the app market is fairly new, especially for the “older generations”, having an app is not just for the large and established businesses. Nimble and engaging small businesses are attracting new customers and increasing repeat business by way of utilizing Mobile Apps. With each timely and tasteful push notification, you consistently remain on your customer’s radar. In fact, if your Pizzeria or restaurant offer Mobile Food Ordering in a business district, and your competition doesn’t, who will have the advantage for the “pressed for time” demographic?

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